Stephen H’s Testimonial

When I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate, my idea and hope was to learn how to work out. I had never done a proper work out before and I had no idea how to do anything safely and with correct form! My main goal was to lose weight, look better but also be able to actually do stuff, that being unfit prevented me from doing.

I’ve lost over 5 inches from my waist, dropping 2 sizes in jeans and 1 size in tops and I’ve gained muscle definition …. muscles I didn’t even know I had!

I’ve also gained strength, stamina and lost my hatred of exercise. I can now go on bike rides, runs and do activities to a degree that I couldn’t before – I even completed Only The Brave (a 6 mile obstacle race) with the 365Motivate Bootcamp Team!!

I feel better, in all aspects of my life. Confidence is up, I’m less miserable (still grumpy at times!) and I feel less stressed, its definitely been a significant improvement!

I don’t just enjoy my Personal Training & Bootcamp sessions, I love them! Whether it’s a PT session with Lucy, bootcamp with the team or being ‘made’ to do some challenge it’s always a blast!

I’ve tried dieting, training on my own, gyms with friends and ‘workout’ buddies and it’s never worked for me. Lucy at 365 has helped every step of the way, providing nutrition advice, regular check ins, new challenges and goals to work towards while providing expertise to maximise your effort while having fun.

I’d recommend 365 to anyone who wants to make a change. Goals change, motivation comes and goes, but stick with it and you’ll make the changes you wanted while having fun, challenging yourself and making friends.


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