It’s hard to explain just how much my mental/emotional outlook has changed since training with 365Motivate. It has been a huge change for me and something I am so grateful for! I was really struggling with self-confidence, I didn’t want to socialise even when lockdown lifted as I was so insecure. I didn’t feel comfortable going back to a gym because I was embarrassed at how unfit I was, and I was so worried I would injure myself playing Netball.

When lockdown hit last year, I completely stopped training/working out and was not motivated to do anything. As restrictions lifted, we were able to slowly return to playing Netball. I quickly realised how unfit I had become and was worried about injuring myself if I tried to play at the same level as I was before lockdown.

My goals when I first joined Lucy and 365 was simply to get training again, to build my strength and fitness back up to give me the confidence to start playing Netball again and to avoid injury. Long term I also wanted to lose weight.

In the 11 months I’ve been training with 365Motivate, I’ve been doing 1-1 Personal Training sessions & the 365 virtual sessions. I’ve lost 4st and I have dropped 3 clothes sizes.

I used to hate running and could only run/walk a 5km on Easter Sunday 2020 and it took 40mins. Easter Sunday 2021 I ran my first Half Marathon in 2hrs 1min and recently beat that with a PB of 1hr 54mins. Now, I am absolutely loving my running.

I am deadlifting 40kg, bench pressing 30kg and previously struggled to do more than 5 tricep dips in a row now I can knock out 15 reps comfortably.

Lucy hasn’t just coached me through 1-1 personal training, she has really helped me make small changes to my daily routine which have made a huge difference to managing my stress and overall health. The key has been consistency, Lucy helped me realise that consistently doing small things is much better than going over board and ditching it all after going off track once. Such as sleeping 8hrs a night, regular training, slow and steady reduction in calories, not banning certain foods etc etc.

From the very beginning Lucy made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I have never felt intimidated whilst training with Lucy. We have so much fun in our sessions, chatting, singing, dancing and a bit of training too!

I’d definitely recommend 365Motivate to others! Lucy gives such a personal service which is waaaaaay more than just training for 60mins once a week!


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