Before I started personal training sessions with 365Motivate, I had a good base level of fitness but I didn’t feel I was progressing in building muscle or definition and I wanted to mix up my exercise routine, in addition to learning new techniques and becoming more confident in using gym equipment.

Since I’ve been training with Lucy I have learnt more about nutrition, how to use different weights and equipment in the gym and have come to love skipping! I have muscle definition in my arms, legs and stomach (exactly where I wanted it) and I generally feel fitter and more toned.

My sessions have taught me to really love exercise and how that can positively impact your mental health, lower your stress levels and make you feel good about yourself. It’s also just boosted my confidence in general in regards to my body and also walking into the weights section in a gym.

I have LOVED my training with Lucy. I look forward to my sessions each week as Lucy is extremely knowledgeable, personable and supportive. She’ll happily chat through any concerns or questions you have through the training but also have a genuinely fun time.

I would recommend personal training sessions with 365Motivate 1000%! I have had PT’s from large, expensive gyms before and no one has come close to how professional Lucy is. She’s extremely reliable, really flexible if you need to change a session and she knows her stuff. She will motivate you but without making you feel intimidated and there’s a permanent smile on her face. She is someone that was recommended to me by 2 people and I will certainly be recommending her to my friends. If you’re looking for a PT in the area, you’d be silly not to call her.

Previous PT’s have been unreliable, militant and very much on the clock. Lucy has that personal touch – she genuinely cares. She builds community with her clients so you can be involved with additional challenges (if you want) outside of your sessions and she’s been more thorough with taking into account my dietary needs when planning nutrition guides.


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