Before I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate, I’d tried several times to join a gym and stick to a routine, but every time the motivation slowly disappeared. I had a very minimal workout routine and was unsure of how to adapt it to suit my goals. I wanted to lose weight, gain energy and stamina and improve my general wellbeing.

Since joining 365Motivate, I’ve lost 20lbs which I’m really pleased with. Lucy has provided useful tips when it comes to my food intake and has helped me become more aware of what I eat. I’ve found that I’ve started creating new habits, such as reaching a certain amount of steps per day, and by forming them into habits has ensured consistency and helped me stick to my goals. I can now lift weights I couldn’t have even attempted before our sessions. I’ve surprised myself at how quickly I’ve progressed in such a short space of time.

I feel more body confident after the progress I’ve made and look forward to what I can achieve in the future. I generally feel happier in myself and have enjoyed getting back into a weekly routine after weeks of being stuck in lockdown.

I always enjoy my training sessions. Lucy is very attentive and tailors my workout to suit me exactly. I tend to leave our sessions feeling really positive (and exhausted!).
Every other fitness programme I’ve tried has been self orientated and to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. Lucy explains what every exercise is doing, and what muscle groups they work. When I’d joined previous gyms, I’d jump on a machine and hope for the best!

I would definitely recommend 365’s Personal Training sessions. I think Lucy has a great approach to personal training. She sets realistic expectations and has helped think of workouts as more of a routine – rather than a very intense short term fad which I’d suffered from in the past. I’ve found it hugely beneficial to have a workout routine planned around me and my goals.


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