I started personal training sessions and bootcamp in Bury St Edmunds with Lucy to improve my fitness level, get strong and lose a little bit of weight. I felt that I needed to become more active because I spend most of my day sitting down at a desk.

I have now increased the number of fitness sessions from 1 swim a week and lots of walking to 2 Personal Training sessions, 1 bootcamp, 1 swim and sometimes a gym session with a friend a week. The individual sessions focused specifically on my goals and how I can get the most out of the training. Lucy is incredible personal trainer & keeps up-ing weights & varying the programmes as I improve. I saw results very quickly after starting with Lucy, losing 7lbs in the first week! Since then I have lost body fat, gained muscle, increased my stamina & upped all of the weights I have been using. My overall body confidence has improved so much but I am most proud of the positive change in my diet. Lucy closely monitored my food, water & sleep each week giving me lots of suggestions for new meals & little things to change. I am very excited about how much stronger I have become & am looking forward to seeing this improve further over the coming months!

The support from the bootcampers has also been amazing. You are on this fitness journey together and you feel as though everyone wants you to do well and feel good about yourself. Lucy has a great attitude and is so easy to get on with. She genuinely wants to help you & see you achieve your goals. Her sessions are varied & she will push you to be your best. I’ve met so many great people at bootcamp and as you become greater friends your encourage each other even more. So whether you’ve been thinking about it for a short while or a long while, you’ve just got to do it. Try it. I’ve found even making small changes to be so beneficial. Adding in a Personal Training session, coming to a bootcamp and meeting like minded people, or tweaking your diet – it’s so rewarding both physically and mentally. I feel happier, more energised, strong and fitter – Joining 365Motivate is not something you are going to regret!

Lucy and bootcampers motivated me more that any other class or bootcamp I have done in the past. If you are willing to put in the effort, you won’t be disappointed in the results. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough if you are looking to kickstart your fitness journey!


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