Hannah’s Testimonial

UK No 6 Pro Muay Thai Fighter -57kg 

I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate as I wanted to improve my strength levels and have someone guide me through my nutrition in order to improve every aspect of my fighting game to ensure I’m always ready. I wanted to be able to reach my fight weight with ease and in the correct way not by starving myself!

365Motivate has helped me massively to make weight for my fights and the strength difference is massive! I feel so much stronger and fitter every fight and this is all down to the work of 365Motivate! Making weight is made easy with the constant support.

365Motivate has helped me change the way I think about food and making weight; rather than it being a chore it has become a lifestyle and that couldn’t have been possible without 365Motivate. It allows me to focus on my training without the worry of not making weight.

Training with Lucy is brilliant, she pushes me further every session as well as having a laugh and making the sessions enjoyable. I would recommend 365Motivate Personal Training to anyone wanting to improve their strength, fitness and nutrition. There is constant support which allows you to feel comfortable that you can succeed.


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