Over the past year I have suffered many niggling little injuries which has hindered my enjoyment of my sports. My passion is CaniCross (running with my dogs). Before I met Lucy in September, my motivation was at a low, my fitness wasn’t great and my weight was beginning to pile on.  My goals were to focus on my strength, lose weight and improve my race time for a 10km CaniCross race the following January. After training with 365Motivate, I’ve completed my CaniCross race with a PB of 53 mins, beating last year’s time of 57 mins and have lost 2 1/2 inches from my waist and 15 lbs. 

I met with Lucy once a week for Personal Training sessions and I kept a food log which I gave to Lucy each week. Each week Lucy would suggest a little change to my food intake which overtime has transformed my eating habits.

Training with Lucy isn’t just about a gym session, it’s about working together.  Lucy is very encouraging and with time, endurance, a decent diet and a lot of perspiration, I was ready for my race! By now I was feeling fit, healthy and determined (although suffering from a little bug!).  I beat my time by 4 minutes which I was thrilled about.

I now train in Lucy’s Boot camp every Tuesday as well as my Personal Training session. My race might have been and gone, but there’s always another one to aim for! My motivation is back, I’m really enjoying my training, always pushing for more. I NEVER GIVE UP. So far, I’ve lost about 7kg; and 2 ½ inches from my waist. My jeans don’t fit me now… I can’t wait for my PT sessions, or Bootcamp.


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