ELise’s Testimonial

My main goal before I started having personal training sessions with 365Motivate was to lose weight and become more confident in myself. In 6 months I have lost 28lbs and 12.5cm from my measurements as well as learning and becoming confident with lots of exercises.

I have gotten so much stronger and my fitness levels have improved a lot over the months which has improved my confidence in the gym so much so that I can now do a full workout with a variety of different exercises without feeling embarrassed of not knowing what to do. Before joining 365Motivate, I would always stick to the same cardio machines in the gym, very rarely doing resistance training but thanks to Lucy, not only can I confidently do resistance exercises but I also enjoy doing them. I am also becoming a lot happier with my body after losing weight and dropping down a dress size.

I have really enjoyed working out and seeing all the benefits exercise can do for my mental health. My overall well-being has improved drastically since joining 365Motivate and I feel so much healthier. Lucy has also helped me have a healthier attitude towards food and eating more nutritious food while allowing myself a treat every now and again without the guilt.

I started off with the intention of just doing PT sessions but quickly realised how much fun exercising can be and how lovely Lucy was, that I gained enough confidence to join her bootcamp sessions as well. I never thought I would feel comfortable attending any bootcamp or any exercise classes until I found 365Motivate, it’s like one big family full of encouragement and support. Every session is tough but fun with lots of different exercises suitable for all fitness levels and there’s no judgement – everyone is super friendly.  I always look forward to having sessions with Lucy, she is very encouraging and I love the challenges she sets which pushes me to do my best.

I highly recommend 365Motivate, everyone is so welcoming and supportive and can’t thank Lucy enough for helping me stay on track to achieve my goals and live a healthier lifestyle.


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