I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate with the goal to increase my fitness levels, to build muscle and to feel a bit more ‘body confident’.

I have gained several cm on my arm measurements and my body is starting to look more defined. My general physical fitness has also improved and I feel stronger, particularly in my upper body. I would have never have been able to do repetitive weight lifting sets before lockdown and now I have doubled what I can lift for some exercises.

Since training, I have better sleeping patterns and I wake up feeling more refreshed. The workouts have contributed positively to my mental wellbeing too and I am more confident wearing short sleeved T shirts.

Before 365, I tried some self-taught sessions in a local gym, which didn’t work for me. Having a regular ‘taught’ session each week has made all the difference. I really enjoy my personal training sessions – I feel like I’ve achieved something at the end of each one!

I would definitely recommend 365Motivate! I could not have made any real progress without Lucy’s support and motivation.


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