Chloe’s Testimonial

I first started personal training with 365Motivate because I wanted to learn correct form and lift heavier as I had previously only ever used light dumbbells.

9 months into my personal training sessions with 365, I have learnt to squat, deadlift, row, hip thrust and lunge with barbells and more. I have gotten so much stronger from when I first started and lost 6.5 kgs! My waist measurements have dropped 2.5 inches.

Since joining 365 I feel more confident trying different workouts and enjoy the sessions as they are always varied. I also enjoy attending the 365 running group on Sundays.

I love training with Lucy because my programme gets changed regularly so I am always learning new things and being challenged. I always feel supported and encouraged throughout workout and with food tracking.

I would definitely recommend 365Motivate to anyone who is looking to achieve their workout goals!


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