Beccy’s Testimonial

When I first started with Lucy my goals were to reduce my weight, lose a dress size and get lean!  I wanted to be healthy on the inside. I was fed up of previous diets/lifestyle plans which dictated what you could/could not eat and having to count everything you consumed!  I wanted to become strong, particularly with my upper body strength.

I started training with 365Motivate just after I had completed the couch to 5km running app.  I was not really following any particular plan to hit my goals, I just recklessly reduced my calorie intake and increased my exercise (theory was; eat less, move more!).

After 6 months of training with 365Motivate I have gone down 2 dress sizes and lost 6lbs. I am the strongest and fittest that I have ever been.  My personal best 5km running time is 26.14 minutes and I can now squat 75kg.

I love my regime now!  Its structured and so varied, which keeps me motivated. I love the combination I have of running, Bootcamp and Personal Training.  As a result, I sleep better, my stress levels have reduced and I prioritise ‘me time’ to exercise!  I also have a much healthier outlook with food. Other “lifestyle” plans I have followed in the past have been very restrictive with what I can and can’t eat and have been focused solely on calories and not health and nutrition. Now, I try to avoid additives, artificial sweeteners and eat whole foods most of the time – I eat everything I want, just in moderation!

My body confidence has grown, along with my self-esteem. .  My diet is 100% cleaner than it ever has been and I feel amazing for it! Even my hair, nails and skin are in better condition than they ever have been.

I have already recruited my husband to joining us at bootcamp and regularly recommend Lucy to friends, family and colleagues. Lucy is ahead of her game.  Her enthusiasm and passion is so motivational.  Lucys’ knowledge is second to none.  Everything she has advised me on has helped me on my journey.  She always has ways to adapt exercises if needs be and always has time to listen and support.  Lucy takes a holistic approach, taking into account all aspects of you and your life, which I believe is why I have had the results I have had.

I have made some great friends through bootcamp. It’s like a little 365Motivate family.  Lucy keeps it fresh and mixes things up regularly.  She is great at encouraging you and has an amazing ability to get a little more out of you, when you are convinced the tank is empty!


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