Mary’s Testimonial

I started personal training sessions and bootcamps with Lucy to improve my fitness level, get strong and lose a little bit of weight. I felt that I needed to become more active because I spend most of my day sitting down at a desk. I have now increased the number of fitness sessions from 1 swim a week…

Andrew’s Testimonial

I started training with Lucy at 365Motivate to improve my fitness and lose weight. My main aim was to reduce down to 13 stones from 14st 6lbs – which I have achieved! I really enjoy both my 365Motivate Personal Training sessions and 365Motivate bootcamp sessions.

Clare’s Testimonial

Lucy’s boot camp is so fantastic, I never thought I would ever go to a boot camp, but my friend finally convinced me, and I haven’t looked back since.
Every session is different, and you can work at your own pace, lucy always has something different for us to do, so you won’t get bored….

Rachel’s Testimonial

I have been having Personal Training sessions and Bootcamp sessions since Christmas 2015 and have lost nearly 2 stone. Lucy is a great personal trainer and although the sessions are tough they are good fun! Lucy is very encouraging and goes above and beyond to help you with losing weight… 

Becca’s Testimonial

I started PT sessions and boot camps with the intention of ‘feeling confident in a pair of shorts’ but my goals soon changed towards working on my overall fitness and improving my diet and strength. Lucy has been fantastic, more than an instructor but a friend with a genuine interest in helping me… 

Lucy’s Testimonial

Initially I had some reservations about signing up for Personal Training sessions as I was embarrassed about people seeing how useless and unfit I was in the gym! I quickly overcame these reservations when I signed up to 365Motivate as my trainer Lucy was patient and reassured me until I was confident

Angela’s Testimonial

I had wanted to start a fitness regime for quite a while but did not have the confidence as I felt unfit & self conscious about my body shape & size but I desperately wanted to get fit & healthy & hopefully lose some weight. Since joining starting 365Motivate PersonalTraining Sessions I feel…

Kim’s Testimonial

I started training with 365Motivate to slim down and get more mobile. I’ve been so pleased with my progress so far – I feel much fitter and stronger and I’ve dropped a dress size (I’ve lost 53cm overall in 15 weeks!!). I enjoy training one to one with Lucy as she takes time to show you… 

Abi’s Testimonial

When I first started training 1-1 with Lucy at Unit 1 Gym my goals were to lose weight, be able to do a press up and to tone up! I smashed all these goals thanks to Lucy. I’ve lost six pounds since being with Lucy and gone down a dress size. I’ve been complimented by so many people of how much …

Charlotte’s Testimonial

When I joined 365Motivate I was working out in a gym 5 times a week and not seeing results. I wanted to tone my body and get a little leaner ready for my wedding and even though I had the motivation to exercise on my own I just didn’t know how to make the necessary changes… 

Leanne’s Testimonial

Lucy’s bootcamp sessions are brilliant! Very challenging but so much fun. My shape has changed a lot as I recently was able to wear a favourite pair of shorts out, that previously I could not even do up. My strength has also dramatically improved – I used to never be able to do a press-up…

Susanne’s Testimonial

I attended my first Bootcamp in October 2015, and was immediately hooked. My main objective was to become fitter, being on the wrong side of 50 and spending all day sitting at my desk in an office I wanted to increase my fitness levels and general health. At 365Motivate Bootcamp the…

Rud’s Testimonial

I have enjoyed personal training with 365Motivate very much. I had become very unfit but after 4 months of regular training with Lucy I have hit all of my fitness goals.  I could only do a few press-ups before, now I do sets of 20. My strength has improved massively. My progress also shows that age (69) is no hindrance for physical training.

Gill’s Testimonial

Over the past year I have suffered many niggling little injuries which has hindered my enjoyment of my sports. My passion is CaniCross (running with my dogs). Before I met Lucy in September, my motivation was at a low, my fitness wasn’t great and my weight was beginning to pile on.  My goals were to improve my strength, lose weight and improve

Hannah’s Testimonial

UK Number 6 in female professional rankings -57kg Muay Thai

I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate as I wanted to improve my strength levels and to have guidance with my nutrition in order to improve every aspect of my fighting game…

Ben’s Testimonial

I started Personal Training with 365Motivate as I struggled to maintain a gym membership for more than a couple of months or stick with any classes. My main goal when I started was to increase my general fitness and wellbeing. After 5 months of Personal Training once per week with Lucy, I lost 9lbs and dropped 3 inches from my waist.

Beccy’s Testimonial

When I first started with Lucy my goals were to reduce my weight, lose a dress size and get lean! I wanted to be healthy on the inside. I was fed up of previous diets/lifestyle plans which dictated what you could/could not eat and having to count everything you consumed! I wanted to become strong, particularly with my upper body strength.

Charlotte’s Testimonial

My goal when I started Personal Training with Lucy was to get stronger and gain confidence in the gym, both of which I have achieved. Before training with Lucy, going to the gym for me meant 45 minutes on a treadmill or cross trainer and the odd exercise class, and I would never have set foot in the weights section…

Stephen H’s Testimonial

When I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate, my idea and hope was to learn how to work out. I had never done a proper work out before and I had no idea how to do anything safely and with correct form! My main goal was to lose weight, look better but also be able to actually do stuff, that being unfit prevented me from doing.

Sara’s Testimonial

As a busy mid 40’s female I have had to work hard to make time for my personal fitness. Over the past 2-3 years I have steadily improved my overall fitness and strength after sustaining a shoulder and lower back injury. This was mostly achieved with simple Pilates and moving through more intense classes such as fitness yoga, PIYO and some HIIT classes…

Chloe’s Testimonial

I first started personal training with 365Motivate because I wanted to learn correct form and lift heavier as I had previously only ever used light dumbbells. 9 months into my personal training sessions with 365, I have learnt to squat, deadlift, row, hip thrust and lunge with barbells and more. I have gotten so much stronger!

Elise’s Testimonial

My main goal before I started having personal training sessions with 365 motivate was to lose weight and become more confident in myself. In 6 months I have lost 28lbs and 12.5cm from my measurements as well as learning and becoming confident with exercises. I have gotten so much stronger and my fitness levels have improved…

Maria’s Testimonial

I started Personal Training with Lucy in 2018 with the goal to improve my fitness and lose weight. I wanted to not only focus on fat loss, but to learn to maintain my weight once I hit my goal. I also wanted to feel stronger and fitter.I had to stop training in February 2019 due to a bad illness. I was lucky enough to pull through and started back training this year…

Peter’s Testimonial

When I first started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate I hadn’t done any training before. My goals were to strengthen my back and core and to increase my muscle mass. I have definitely achieved that. Training has now become a big part of my life – I train five days a week, training twice a week with Lucy and 3 sessions of Muay Thai…

Nathan’s Testimonial

Before I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate, I’d tried several times to join a gym and stick to a routine, but every time the motivation slowly disappeared. I had a very minimal workout routine and was unsure of how to adapt it to suit my goals. I wanted to lose weight, gain energy and stamina and improve my general wellbeing…

Chris’s Testimonial

I started Personal Training sessions with 365Motivate with the goal to increase my fitness levels, to build muscle and to feel a bit more ‘body confident’. I have gained several cm on my arm measurements and my body is starting to look more defined. My general physical fitness has also improved and I feel stronger, particularly in my…

Philippa’s Testimonial

Before I started personal training sessions with 365Motivate, I had a good base level of fitness but I didn’t feel I was progressing in building
muscle or definition and I wanted to mix up my exercise routine, in addition to learning new techniques and becoming more confident in using gym equipment…

Ruth’s Testimonial

It’s hard to explain just how much my mental/emotional outlook has changed since training with 365Motivate. It has been a huge change for me and something I am so grateful for! I was really struggling with self-confidence, I didn’t want to socialise even when lockdown lifted as I was so insecure. I didn’t feel comfortable going back to a gym….


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