Unofficial training run, 8km done this morning ✔️

Okay so we’ve written up our training plan *gulp* 😰

As we looked ahead to week 7 & onwards is when we realised how intense this is going to get, those miles are rampingggg up! Which makes us nervous and excited.

So far, I’ve bought a pair of weird socks (they look like gloves, but for your feet, so they’re meant to stop blisters on your toes), v glam.

Pete has asked who’s idea it was to run this marathon multiple times (we have decided it was his idea, said in a runners high after our 18 miler)

Adam has bought ice packs, shown us that diaroltye is a handy electrolyte & sent me a recommendation for a good running backpack (so he’s our head of kit & medic).

Thing we’ve learnt: Percy pigs are apparently better than jelly babies for sugar burst whilst running? We’re gonna test this 😋🍬

Week 1 of 16 starts tomorrow.

Wish us luck!!! 😄

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It’s Friday again 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼 Such a good cardio virtual workout today! FEELING GOOOOOD ☺️ Have a great weekend whether you’re resting or training or a bit of both 😋 tomorrow 10-10:30am is the 365 glutes workout - click the link in my bio to join in. #Team365Motivate #HappyFriday #FridayWorkout #StrengthTraining #CardioWorkout #PersonalTrainer #Fitness #FitnessLifestyle #Weekend #GirlsWhoLift #GlutesWorkout #GetYourActiveOn #TeamFabletics #Fabletics ...

No! ✋🏼 So don’t panic 🚨

There are so many ways we can track fat loss progress:

➖how clothes fit
➖how we FEEL
➖are we sticking to our daily habits
➖are our habits improving
➖progress photos

If you’re following the processes needed for fat loss, it will happen. Daily habits like staying within a calorie deficit by tracking calories / being aware of portion sizes, getting your steps in and staying active, consuming enough protein (0.75g per kg or more) & doing workouts are what will bring changes - not obsessing over your weight everyday.

There are SO many reasons your weight might increase, you might have drank more water or just consumed food (it has to go somewhere and everything has mass), you might not have drank enough or you might have eaten more carbs and be holding onto more water, you might be stressed, you might need to pee or poop, you’re hormones might be fluctuating, you might have done a workout yesterday and your muscles might be inflamed/sore - NONE OF THIS MEANS YOU’VE GAINED FAT.

It’s worth considering if weighing yourself helps you or hinders you, because it’s not compulsory to weigh yourself to track your progress. If you get a huge emotional response every time which sometimes causes you to ditch your daily habits - it could be time to ditch the scales.

However, scale weight CAN be a great indicator of fat loss progress if you look at changes over months, not days. So if you can note down your weight and remember that if it has gone up or down it might be nothing to do with fat loss/gain & it doesn’t throw you off track from implementing your daily habits, then stick with it. As always with the fitness stuffz it is entirely personal.

Do you weigh yourself? How do you like to track fat loss?

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Since lockdown #1 back in March last year, I have really grown to love running 🏃🏼‍♀️

I love being able to explore, chat away with my running partner (shock, all my clients know I love a chat) 😂, get out in nature & cover some miles.

Some times I feel like the media make it seem like the only reason to exercise is for fat loss, but there are SO MANY reasons to exercise that are nothing to do with that.

It can help destress you, clear your mind, make friends, get outside, get some sunshineee, make you feel stronger, faster, more agile, more flexible, sleep better, encourage you to eat better, feel proud of yourself, help your self esteem because you’re looking after yourself.

I always feel amazing after a run - full of more energy!

What reasons do you love to exercise?

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YES yes yes, 1000x yes!

I believe in taking a more moderate approach and building habits into your life that will last a lifetime. Wow okay, I know that is a long time, but hear me out 😂

Normally what happens when people go on extreme or ‘fast result’ diets, is they cut out A LOT of food in order to create a large calorie deficit... so in theory the diet will work because IF they stick to it, they will lose weight quickly. HOWEVER, cutting out lots of food groups is
🙍🏻‍♀️Difficult in any social setting

And usually the only way people actually stick to it, is by hanging on to the fact, that is is temporary & as soon as they hit that target weight, they ain’t doing it anymore ✋🏼

The problems that can arise with this approach:

1️⃣If you can’t stick to the diet, you blame yourself - you might think “I don’t have enough willpower” or “maybe my body just can’t lose fat”

2️⃣You begin to demonise certain foods, maybe carbs, biscuits, pizza, burgers, pasta, margaritas!!! Whatever you’ve been told to cut out. You might think these foods are inherently fattening (they’re not, they’re just highly palatable so it can be easier to overeat them)

3️⃣You end up going from one extreme to the other, you’re on the plan in the week, then you accidentally go off the plan at the weekend - then you feel like you’ve let yourself down, you feel guilty, then you start the whole process again. Every. Week.

Whereas if you go for the less glamorous option, of slowly building up healthy habits, increasing your sleep, doing more steps, learning about calories, doing exercise you enjoy (at least to some extent) - no, it won’t promise you 14lbs off in a few weeks BUT I think you’ll feel a lot happier (less hungry), you’ll learn WHY fat loss occurs & be able to make choices that work for you in any context & you’ll be able to take these practices with you for LIFE.

What do you think? What has your experience been? 💙💙

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Half marathon done yesterday 🥳🇬🇧

The most amazing scenic run with my bestie & such a nice day!!!

Hope everyone’s been having a great weekend ☀️

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