I’ve been living in these cold weather leggings from @fableticseu 🥶

they’re so good because they’ve got a soft jersey type inner lining, perfect for when it’s been about 4°C recently🥲😋

I love working with fabletics & getting to try new kit each month because I have been buying their kit for years & still do! They have new styles every month, they cater for a range of sizes & their ethos is that everyone deserves to look & feel their best💛

They’ve got a great deal on at the moment, new VIP Members can get 2 Leggings for £24 AND 70% Off single items using the link in my bio!

Happy Sunday ☺️

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At 365 we believe fitness should add to your life!

We want to feel our best - our strongest, our happiest, our most confident.

Follow our structured 30 minute workouts from home. There's 4 live workouts to choose from every week, that you can also catch up on 'on demand'.

Whatever level you are, you can join in. Go at your own pace, learn exercise technique & choose options to make it easier or harder within the workout.

The biggest hurdle is starting⤵️

Start now by clicking the link in my bio & selecting ‘5 WEEK JANUARY CHALLENGE’


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Happy New Year✨✨ ...

The 5 week January challenge is live!

If you want 30 minute workouts that you can do from home, a like minded community to support you & structured workouts to help you reach your goals - this challenge is for you☺️

✖️4 live 30 minute workouts per week, that can also be accessed on the website afterwards any time
✖️57 pre recorded workouts that you can do anytime
✖️A 19 page guide on fat loss, mindset & muscle building
✖️WhatsApp group for accountability, encouragement & recipe ideas
✖️A fitness test at the start & end of challenge to track progress
✖️Prizes to be won! A 365 top & resistance band

This Feel Your Best January challenge is there to help you to feel your best: your strongest, your fittest & your most confident✨

Click the link in my bio to sign up for £29.99.

The first workout is on Tuesday 4th January 6:30-7pm 📆

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Okay this is a good one & a complicated one.

1. Should we even worry if we do gain weight at Christmas? What is our goal? We need balance, rest & family time to be healthy. Food is a part of celebration & can be used to express love! This year particularly has shown us the importance of social connection on our health.

2. A lot of weight gained is often more water retention than actual body fat because we often eat more carbohydrates and drink more alcohol etc - after a few days of usual routine that will go.

3. If we don’t restrict too much throughout the year, it’s less likely we will go mad and overeat excessively at Christmas time (or anytime we come away from extreme restriction) so we should practise a more balanced approach year round.

4. What counts is the 50 other weeks in the year, not so much the 2 weeks off we have at Christmas. What we do MOST of the time is what matters most.

5. Practise some healthy habits: stay hydrated, don’t rush when you’re eating - put your knife and fork down between bites, sleep 7-9 hours, go on a walk, enjoy yourself! ☺️

Tag a friend who needs to be reminded of these points ❤️ I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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My last day training my amazing clients called for my loudest, brightest leopard print leggings from @fableticseu 🐆💥😝

I love kit that is practical, comfortable and makes you feel your best - because to me, that’s what health & fitness is all about, feeling your best!

If you want to get some kit from Fabletics you can become a VIP member to get some great deals! I’ve been a VIP member for years & you can either buy an outfit or skip a month if you don’t want anything ☺️

New VIP Members can get 2 Leggings for £24 AND 50% Off single items using the link in my bio!

Are you a plain leggings gal or team funkier the better?

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Try these tips out, share with a friend & let me know if you found this video helpful 😊

What’s an exercise that you always struggle with?

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My new fave brightest @fableticseu outfit!!!🌼

Okay so you all know I love fabletics! I’ve been a VIP member for years and the quality is so good, the leggings I bought years ago are still good as new✨

When you’re a VIP you get free delivery, up to 50% off all the time & access to the new drops early. So I am sooooo happy to a part of Team Fabletics. ☺️

Sooo…. Drum roll 🥁🥁 You heard from #TeamFabletics (me! woohoo🥳): Cyber month is already here! Just for this month New VIPs will not only get 2 Leggings for £24 but also 75% off on every single item on the website!! Plus free shipping in the first hour. Click the link in my bio!

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