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…that we can get abs in 4 weeks, or lose 10lbs in 10 days!! *cue any ‘fitness’ headline*

No WONDER we sign up to crazy plans, or quit perfectly sensible & effective exercise & diets regimes way too soon.

We need to accept that change takes time.

Once we slow down & accept this, we won’t be drawn to such extreme solutions, that I think, deep down, we know aren’t good for us & don’t work.

I’m not saying you can’t make positive changes in a short space of time, absolutely you can!

But let’s bin these, admittedly exciting, headlines, that prey on our vulnerability & tell us what we want to hear 🚮

& replace them for small, gradual, consistent, DOABLE, habits.

Do you think magazines & media pages will start printing more positive & health focused articles or will we just have to stop reading?

(also, does everyone remember buying a magazine every week?🥺 shout magazine shout out 😂)

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Are you in an endless cycle of diets or workouts, always chasing results?

Ofc it’s good to strive for more, to want to grow and improve,

But I think we should simultaneously try to enjoy what we are doing & who we are NOW.

Focus on the processes - our daily habits - the right now!

Let’s avoid being so laser focused on an ‘end result’ that we will do any thing, even sacrificing our health, to get there.

I hate to be so cliche - but, enjoy the journey 🧀

I think the most change happens THROUGHOUT the training anyway - confidence, self belief, grit, lifestyle changes - not just because of an end ‘result’.

If we could click our fingers and get ‘instant results’, would we feel as good without the journey to get there? Would we have learnt anything? Would we be able to maintain whatever goal we’d hit?

What if we reframed our mindset to loving our bodies right now & embracing the journey to change?

“The real impact and consequence of each of our choices and actions - even our thoughts - is monumental, because every single thought, choice, and action is determining who we are becoming, which will ultimately determine the quality of our lives. “ - The Miracle Morning📙

What are some daily habits that you want to start? Drink a glass of water every morning? Do a daily walk? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼☺️

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We bought a house woooooo🏡 ...

The perfect diet & exercise regime doesn’t exist.

We are all complex, nuanced beings & everything, just… depends!!

The more years I train people, the more this becomes apparent.

(& the more difficult I find it to post informative captions that aren’t essays)🤣

What will work brilliantly for 1 person, will be terrible advice for another.

Things also change over time, something that works great for your goal right now, will change, as your goals do.

So whenever you’re embarking on a lifestyle change, take into consideration:

YOUR preference - even if 2 people ate the same, they aren’t going to look or feel the same, no 2 lifestyles are matched & no 2 tastebuds are either. Likewise, what 1 person finds fun for a workout, will be another persons worst nightmare🥲

YOUR schedule - what is realistic for you to be able to do consistently for the next year. I might find it relatively easy to keep my steps high and stay active vs someone who has long hours in a sat down office job. Set achievable daily habits.📝

YOUR goals - everyone’s goals and motivations are different, for one person they may need more discipline around eating & exercise, for others, it may be healthier to be LESS disciplined.

Following 1 set of advice is just not going to work for everyone. Find what works for you ☺️ #youdoyou

What food & exercise routine does work for you? What makes you feel great? Let me know 👇🏼 (actually let me know in the comments!)

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Everyone is busy & it can be hard to juggle everything; but exercising each week will help you to feel your best, physically and mentally, and maintain your health.🧠☺️

My top tips for making sure you stay active is to:

1. Schedule in your workout. 📆Write it down. Make a date with yourself *don’t cancel on yourself* (Bring a friend in on this or a coach for extra accountability & fun).

2. Have a plan! Follow a workout programme, this will make your time spent working out most effective. It’s also a lot more motivating to know what you’re doing & can reduce any gym nerves.

3. Be realistic with your schedule. Don’t try to schedule in 6 workouts when 2 or 3 is actually what is doable.

4. Don’t think that all workouts have to be an hour sweat fest HIIT training extravaganza to be worth doing. You can do a great workout in 30 minutes (my 365 virtual crew can attest to that)😅

5. Take more steps, get outside, walk more!

6. Nail done the basics: nutritious food, lots of water, 7-9 hours sleep. Without these, training/anything is going to be tough.

Let me know how you fit your workouts in your busy weeks👇🏼

Happy training!!

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So proud of one of my clients today WHO REFUSED TO GIVE UP👊🏻

One of their goals is to master skipping.

We’ve been practising each session & today we spent the session breaking it down, trying different drills, practising.

There were stumbles. We recorded some of it and looked back on what was going wrong with technique.

They could have easily thrown the rope on the floor, got frustrated & stopped…

But they didn’t!

& they started to improve.

At the end of the session, they were better than when they started. They put in more reps, more practise time. That’s what counts!

We will keep practising every session & I can’t wait for the first time that rope is flying around & they’re skipping with good form.

That day will most definitely be sweeter, because of the ‘struggle’ & the effort put in beforehand.

Sticking with something is so important. It’s imperative for any type of progress & for any feeling of accomplishment.

Are you sticking with your fitness programme? Are you sticking to your daily systems to get you to your goal?

Let me know how you stay consistent👇🏼

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