The 365 gym got an upgrade!!🤪🥳🥳🥳 ...


If you want to feel your best, join this challenge 😊

Whether you want to get fitter, get leaner or make workouts a part of your routine, this 9 week challenge has everything you need.

I LOVE doing these challenges with you all, the encouragement in the WhatsApp group & when everyone starts to say they feel stronger and enjoy the workouts is just…. 🤌🏼

In the June July challenge we have got:
☑️NEW Q&A’s for your fitness questions
☑️NEW Fat loss tips & meal ideas guide
☑️NEW recipe videos
☑️NEW 20 minute cardio workouts
☑️4 - 5 LIVE 20 minute & 30 minute workouts per week
☑️Do the workouts anytime as they’ll be uploaded on the same day to the on demand section to watch back
☑️34 page guide on fat loss, mindset & muscle building
☑️Private Whatsapp Group for accountability, encouragement & recipe ideas
☑️Fitness test in the first & last workout of the challenge to track progress (it's not scary, just to see how strong you've got!!)
☑️Access to 110 30 minute workout videos in the on demand section
☑️7 form tutorial videos going over the fundamental lifts: squats, RDL'S, rows, pressups, hip thrust, lunge, plank
☑️Prizes to be won for the winner of the challenge!

Join for the full 9 weeks for £39.99 by clicking the link in my bio 💪🏼

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How did you find this workout? Let me know in the comments!!☺️

The next live Instagram workout is Saturday 10-10:30AM Abs Blast!

If you want to join more zoom workouts, click the link in my bio.

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The best birthday workouts today!! 💚Started the day with my virtual summer challenge team doing our Power Pins workout, then aqua where my ladies sang to me (in both classes 🥹💙), a great PT session & finished with my 2 classes at Moreton Hall Health Club 👏🏻 thank you to all my clients for their hard work today & every day in their workouts, it makes my job so fun. #Team365Motivate ...

The summer challenge starts tomorrow!

I am so excited!!!! I love watching the progress of my clients during a challenge 💪🏼

If you need⤵️

✅a structured 7 week workout programme
✅encouragement from a team with likeminded goals
✅30 minute workouts you can do from home that you can do at your own pace
✅daily reminders from me
✅live workouts that are saved to the on demand section so you can do the workouts anytime
✅guide book with all you need to know about fat loss, building muscle & meal ideas…

then this is the perfect challenge for you👏🏻☺️

You don’t need to have done a 365 challenge before - click the link in my bio for more info & to sign up.

If you have any questions, send me a message🤳🏽

See you at a workout soon😊💙

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The key to progress when it comes to your health and fitness goals🔑…

getting rid of an all or nothing mindset🚮 we just have to do our best & on the days it doesn’t pan out, learn from it & move on.

starting NOW, not waiting until a better time. there is no perfect time, we will always be busy & have social plans. if you’ve got lots of things coming up, that’s actually great practise, because flexibility with our goals & our mindset is a necessity when it comes to maintaining our goals - we need our healthy habits to fit in with our life.

showing ourselves compassion. our self talk is so important. are you talking to yourself like you would a friend? are you encouraging? are you compassionate & reasonable when you miss a workout or something doesn’t go to plan?

make your goals small. make them as easy & achievable as possible & then over time, build on them.

What tips would you add? ☺️

The 365 summer challenge starts next Tuesday 19th - if you want a structured plan, an encouraging WhatsApp group to keep you accountable & a guide with all the info you need. Click the link in my bio to sign up☺️

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You NEED structure with your workouts if you have a strength or fitness goal.

It’s totally fine if you’re going for enjoyment & want to do what’s fun or taking a break from pursuing a goal,

BUT, if you’re hoping to build strength, muscle, fitness or perfect a lift,

You need to be tracking what you’re doing📝 here’s what I recommend:

▪️Write down your reps & sets - aim to make small increases most weeks where you’d rate the whole set of exercises 8/10 for difficulty

▪️Increase difficulty by increasing the weight, getting a greater range of motion, performing the exercise with better technique, squeezing the muscle you’re working, slowing down the reps (adding a pause, or pulse), doing more reps, doing more sets, trying a harder variation.

▪️You’ll save time if you have a plan. There will be no faffing around and thinking about what to do. This means you’ll probably feel more accomplished at the end of your session.

▪️Quality over quantity. If you’re following the principles above & you’ve just started a new training regime, try hitting the gym 2x per week & build up from there if you’re enjoying it & recovering well (you’ll know if you’re recovering well because you won’t be too achy & you’ll have energy for your workouts & you’ll be improving).

Do you write down a programme for the gym?

Have you been seeing progress with your training?

If you’re feeling stuck with your workouts & want to join a programme that is structured, join the Feel Your Best Summer 7 Week Challenge - hit the link in my bio! ☺️

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